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CRWKL: Home of The Legkicks™
CRWKL: Home of The Legkicks™
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CRWKL | Home of The Legkicks™

CRWKL is a recording and broadcasting subsidiary of Crowknuckle Press; a recording studio, etching press and art garden based in Manitoba, Canada. Virtual studios will be located on a yet to be determined metaverse land parcel on the Cardano blockchain. Online and physical counterparts are being built in tandem and documented via CRWKL.live shows hosted by The Legkicks™; house band and resident caretakers at CRWKL.

Artwork at CRWKL is by ǝlʞɔnuʞʍoɹɔ and made available as CNFTs on JPG.store. His personal works are minted 1:1 on Algorand and listed on ALGOxNFT, Dartroom and AB2 Gallery. (10% of primary sales in $ALGO are reserved for donation to the Boissevain-Morton Arts Council.)

🎸 Check The Legkicks™: CRWKL updates and outtakes show from live chats and events w/ The Legkicks™.
🎙 ǝlʞɔnuʞʍoɹɔ chronicle.: Free-form audio journal and e-zine from the mindscape of ǝlʞɔnuʞʍoɹɔ.
📻 Radio Nightcap: Classic radio shows live-streamed w/ woozy commentary. [See #RadioNightcap on Twitter.]
𝄢 A Bass Odyssey: Bass guitar talk w/ ǝlʞɔnuʞʍoɹɔ and spontaneous bass jams that’ll improve on a long enough timeline.

*Tweet using #CRWKL to live chat.

[ Home: CRWKL.com | Twitter: @CRWKL_live | Cardano NFTs ($ADA): http://cnft.CRWKL.com ]